Four Types Of Naturally Occurring Substances In Well Water That Can Create Health Complications If Not Treated

Most well water problems can be remedied by filtration or other treatments, but as a private well owner, it's your job to stay on top of your well water's needs. If you don't regularly test your well water (or even have never had it tested), you may be unaware of problems that could cause health issues later on. Some of these problems can occur even if your well isn't contaminated by outside sources. Here are four substances that can occur naturally in the ground and may affect your health and that of your family if not treated. [Read More]

Benefits Of A Water Filter For Your Tap

When compared to purchasing bottled water, adding filters to the faucets of your home can offer multiple benefits. Here are a few of them: Cost Bottled water can be quite expensive, especially if your family drinks large amounts of water on a regular basis.The manufacturer's packaging and plastic bottle expenses are passed on to you. The cost of tap water is generally much lower.  With a filter, your family can consume healthy quantities of drinking water without challenging your budget. [Read More]

Gross! Why Does The Tap Water Taste Funky?

Whether the water tastes stale or like it has chlorine in it, funky tastes will usually mean that the water is contaminated with something. Here are the most common reasons for funky-tasting water, and what you can do about them. An Earthy Taste Water can have an earthy/musty taste to it due to some organic material getting through the filtering system. This is especially the case when it comes to algal blooms. [Read More]

Types Of Water Heaters

Alongside modern air-conditioners and heaters, water heaters are like the unrecognized heroes that make all the comforts of modern life possible. And nothing makes that evidently more clear than when your water heater breaks! Choosing a water heater on short notice can often be annoying and feel complicated. Fortunately, that doesn't have to be the case! Below are the most common forms of powered water heaters in use in most modern homes. [Read More]