3 DIY Tricks To Improve Heat Retention In The Home

When you seek the comfort of your home during the freezing winter weather, you want to stay warm. At the same time, you don't want to spend a fortune on heating costs. To ensure you aren't paying more than you have to and you are staying warm, here are a few things you need to do inside the home to improve its efficiency, reduce heat loss and improve heat retention: [Read More]

Fixing A Bathroom Sink That Won't Hold Water

If your bathroom sink keeps draining out before you finish cleaning up, the pop-up stopper is likely cracked or not sealing properly. With a few tools and about an hour of your time, you can replace the stopper yourself. Here are the steps to this DIY project to keep the water in your sink until you're done with it. Supplies You'll Need flat-blade screwdriver channel lock pliers small bucket old rags for cleanup From the plumbing section of the home improvement store: [Read More]

Is Your Home Lacking Hot Water? Learn How To Diagnose The Problem

Plumbing is a vital part of any home. When the plumbing works, you don't even think about things like getting clean water out of a faucet, disposing of waste, or bathing. It's not until your plumbing starts to fail that you quickly realize how dependent you can be on your plumbing for everyday living. One potential problem you may run into is not having hot water. Try these methods to diagnose the problem. [Read More]

When The Toilet Overflows: What Do You Do?

Unless you live an enchanted life, you will at some time experience the most dreaded of plumbing emergencies: the overflowing toilet. Although this is a relatively common problem, when you experience it, you may be tempted to panic. Nobody wants to deal with that mess on the floor or the damage that extended flooding period can cause. Although you may need to call a plumber to take care of the clog, you can stop the flooding by yourself and begin cleanup. [Read More]