Toilet Luxuries For A Bathroom Upgrade

If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom in comfort, style, and luxury, take a moment to think about some upgrades for your toilet. While the shower and bath are often the focus of luxury upgrades, your toilet can provide a surprising amount of luxury as well. Some of the modern innovations in this area are surprisingly useful. Here are a few examples of toilet upgrades that can turn your toilet into a luxurious throne. [Read More]

How To Prevent Sewer Clogs

Are you currently experiencing a clogged drain? Maybe you are wondering how it happened. There is no doubt that this is an annoying problem to have. One clogged drain is easy to deal with, but when the problem becomes widespread, it usually means that you are dealing with a sewer drain clog. Whether you are facing the problem now or want to avoid it in the future, here is a look at the main causes of a sewer drain clog, [Read More]

Plumbing Problems You Might Face When Your Plumbing Is Old

If your plumbing is old, you may be looking at major repairs in the future. Rather than let pipe problems take you by surprise, consider having an inspection so that you can make improvements at your convenience. Here are some major problems that can happen to your home's old plumbing. A Slab Leak Caused By A Cracked Pipe A slab leak can happen when pipes are old and corroded. The leak might be small or large, but since the leak is under the foundation of your house, you might not notice it right away. [Read More]

Reasons That A Hot Water Heater May Shut Down Unexpectedly

Your home's hot water heater is something that runs in the background without you having to think about it. However, there may come a time where you find that nothing but cold water is coming out of your hot water faucets. Here are some reasons why you can have a hot water heater that has shut down unexpectedly. Tripped Reset Switch Your hot water heater has a reset switch on it that will cut off the heat going to the tank. [Read More]