Three Benefits Of Water Softeners

As it falls naturally, rainwater is one of the purest substances on earth. The process of evaporation and precipitation strips away everything except the most basic elements of water; only when it hits the earth does it start to attract minerals and other particles.

This collection of other elements like calcium and magnesium is what turns water into hard water, which affects many homes in the U.S. Even though hard water is harmless to humans, it can cause sediment buildup inside your plumbing system and appliances, which is why regular maintenance is so important.

Water softeners treat hard water issues through a process called ion exchange. As the water passes through the water softener, the minerals are attracted to the inside of the unit and are replaced by sodium and potassium ions, resulting in purer water — similar to how it came from the sky.

If you have hard water in your home, here are a few reasons to consider a residential water softener installation.

Fewer Stains

The residue that comes from hard water can stain your clothes, appliances, and other fixtures, leaving behind a cloudy-like texture that can be nearly impossible to get off. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive soaps and hours scrubbing every little item that interacts with your water supply, treat the issue at its source by installing water softeners.

Less Maintenance

Your appliances will always need some kind of routine maintenance, but those that come into contact with hard water frequently have regular issues with lime buildup and soap scum, leaving you with a greater risk of those appliances breaking down. Less mineral buildup on your appliances not only equals less costly maintenance from you, but an increased lifespan for your appliance. Either way, water softeners save you tons of money by not having to replace appliances that have stopped working prematurely.

Cleaner Water

If you have a hard water issue, chances are you're familiar with the cloudy residue that can stick to your dishes, but the same principle applies to your body as well. Hard water has minerals that can keep the water from really saturating your skin and giving you a deeper lather, which can, in turn, leave your skin and hair feeling dry. Along with dulling your clothes in the washer, hard water can even dull your hair color, too. Water softeners alleviate these issues, leaving you with soft skin and a more natural looking hair.