Why You Do Need A Plumber For Your Off-Grid Home

Even though the outside world often associates the phrase "off-grid" with living in a place with no running water, that is far from the reality of life for most off-grid home dwellers. Off-grid only means you are not connected to publicly supplied resources, such as gas, electricity, and, of course, water. If you are in the process of creating your own off-grid home, you will likely implement a water well or rainwater collection system to supply water to your home. Both of which can require the professional experience of a plumber. Take a look at a few reasons you may need a plumber to help you take care of your off-grid home. 

You may need to install a water filtration system.

Since you are relying on your own efforts to collect and supply water to your home and family, the water you get is going to be unfiltered unless you implement some kind of water filtration system. For example, rainwater is considered generally safe to consume, but there can be a number of factors that can affect the safe-consumption of rainwater. A plumber can help you implement something like a gravity-fed water-filtration system that requires little-to-no energy to function and will do an excellent job of ensuring you always have clean water in your home. 

You may need help picking out solar water heating options.

Just because you are choosing to live off the beaten path does not mean you have to be without hot water. While some people dwelling in remote locations will simply heat water as it is needed, you do have options available for automatic water heating. For instance, a simple on-demand hot water heater can be a good solution because these systems require less energy and can easily be powered by a solar system. 

You may have special needs when it comes to water storage. 

Plumbers are skilled in all things water-related, including water storage. Many people who live off-grid and rely on rainwater supplies or a well will have to implement some kind of water storage receptacle to feed their water needs when natural supplies are running low. For example, you may install a 1,000-gallon water bladder under the house. In any case, having the expert advice of a plumber when picking a water storage solution can make a difference. The professional can help you pick the most logical storage for your water setup and make sure it is properly installed.