Toilet Luxuries For A Bathroom Upgrade

If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom in comfort, style, and luxury, take a moment to think about some upgrades for your toilet. While the shower and bath are often the focus of luxury upgrades, your toilet can provide a surprising amount of luxury as well. Some of the modern innovations in this area are surprisingly useful.

Here are a few examples of toilet upgrades that can turn your toilet into a luxurious throne.

1. Padded or heated seats

Starting with the basics, a more comfortable seat can be a great addition to your toilet. For example, you could start by choosing a padded toilet seat. Or if you have a lot of chilly nighttime visits to the bathroom, you might want to go for a heated seat. Either one can provide a surprisingly comfortable bathroom experience.

2. Smart toilet technology

A toilet with motion-sensing technology can open and close itself automatically as well as flush automatically. In addition, the toilet could be integrated with smart home systems as well as offer other technological wonders such as Bluetooth.

Unlike the heated seat upgrade, you're likely to need a whole toilet upgrade for this type of technological addition. It's likely to be a high-end upgrade, so think about whether you really need this technology in your toilet before you take the plunge.

3. Hygiene and cleanliness features

Self-cleaning functions, antimicrobial toilet seats, and automatic deodorizing are a few luxury features that fall under this category. A self-cleaning toilet may use features such as a UV light to clean the interior of the bowl, saving you time, effort, and hazardous chemical cleaners. An antimicrobial seat can have antimicrobials actually included within the seat's surface.

An antimicrobial seat may be a feature you can upgrade separately, while other cleanliness features are likely to come as a package deal with a top-of-the-line luxury toilet.

4. Healthcare monitoring functions

Some newer luxury toilets can actually help perform health monitoring functions. One, in particular, can collect samples, measure glucose levels, and more. Although these toilets aren't mainstream enough to cause a big difference in the healthcare industry yet, the potential is there.

As you can see, luxury toilet features have come a long way since the basic toilet styles that are known and widely used today. Whether you're just in the market for a new toilet seat or whether you have the budget for a whole new luxury fixture, you can upgrade your home toilet experience in a variety of ways.

Speak with a plumbing professional for more information.