Plumbing Problems You Might Face When Your Plumbing Is Old

If your plumbing is old, you may be looking at major repairs in the future. Rather than let pipe problems take you by surprise, consider having an inspection so that you can make improvements at your convenience. Here are some major problems that can happen to your home's old plumbing.

A Slab Leak Caused By A Cracked Pipe

A slab leak can happen when pipes are old and corroded. The leak might be small or large, but since the leak is under the foundation of your house, you might not notice it right away. The result might be water damage and a high water bill. If your plumber finds out your pipes are in bad shape due to old-age corrosion, you might want to discuss repiping your home to prevent a problem with slab leaks and burst pipes. Pipes that burst open above the slab are serious too since the water will flood your home and potentially cause water damage.

A Bad Water Heater That's Beyond Repair

Water heaters sometimes give out due to old age. While repairs are often possible, one problem that can't be repaired is rust. Once the tank starts rusting, the water heater has to be replaced. If rust isn't present, you can extend the life of your water heater for a long time through regular maintenance and timely repairs.

A Collapsed Sewer Line That Clogs Your Plumbing

If your plumbing sewer main develops a small crack or loose area around a joint, moisture can leak out and attract roots. Tree roots, in particular, are problems for sewer pipes. The roots get in through open areas and then multiply inside the pipe. The roots can cause ongoing problems with clogs, and they can even cause the pipe to crack open and collapse. A collapsed sewer pipe is something that needs immediate repair since your property will have a foul sewer odor as the toxic waste accumulates in your yard. Repairs might involve digging up the old pipe so it can be replaced or repaired. Your plumber might recommend lining the pipe instead.

In addition to these major problems, old plumbing can present you with minor annoyances over the years. You might have to deal with corroded and stuck shut-off valves, leaky drains under the sink, or leaky toilets. A plumbing emergency is not only inconvenient since you may be without a toilet or without water, but a plumbing problem can also cause water damage that's costly to repair. That's why it's good to know the condition of your plumbing and make upgrades before it's too late.

To learn more about your house's plumbing, speak with a plumber in your area.