Benefits Of A Water Filter For Your Tap

When compared to purchasing bottled water, adding filters to the faucets of your home can offer multiple benefits. Here are a few of them:


Bottled water can be quite expensive, especially if your family drinks large amounts of water on a regular basis.The manufacturer's packaging and plastic bottle expenses are passed on to you. The cost of tap water is generally much lower.  With a filter, your family can consume healthy quantities of drinking water without challenging your budget. 


Even bottled water can sometimes have an unpalatable flavor, especially if the water has been enclosed in plastic for a prolonged period. In addition, since the bottled water could come from a variety of sources, including an unfiltered tap, tastes can vary.  

A water filter can remove impurities, such as chlorine, fluoride, rust and other chemicals from your tap water that can affect its taste. In addition, the filter can eliminate microbial contaminants that can give the water an unsavory taste and smell. 


Not only can the chemicals in your drinking water make the water taste and smell bad. It can also cause your water to be unhealthy. Microbial contaminants, such as E. coli, can cause life threatening conditions. Although these types of bacterial contaminants are rarely found in tap water in large quantities, inadvertent contamination does sometimes occur, and when it does, the consequences to your health and that of your loved ones can be dire. 

Large quantities of chemical additives, such as fluoride and chlorine, can also have a negative impact on your health. 

Bottled water manufacturers rarely provide a list of contaminants found through the routine testing of their water. Thus, you may not know what you are drinking when you consume a bottle of water from a local store. 

City water suppliers usually provide test results to area residents. However, the results only display the contents of the water, they do not guarantee the removal of the chemicals, as long as the quantities are within an acceptable range.


Bottled water must be purchased and brought home or delivered to your house. When you run out of a supply, you have to repurchase and transport the products back to your home or await delivery.

With a water filter, you can enjoy clean, fresh water whenever you want without leaving your home to replenish your supply.

To find the right filter for your needs, contact a water purification specialist, like Water-Pro, in your area.