Gross! Why Does The Tap Water Taste Funky?

Whether the water tastes stale or like it has chlorine in it, funky tastes will usually mean that the water is contaminated with something. Here are the most common reasons for funky-tasting water, and what you can do about them.

An Earthy Taste

Water can have an earthy/musty taste to it due to some organic material getting through the filtering system. This is especially the case when it comes to algal blooms. In some cases, the taste lingers in the water after filtration and treatment and isn't something to worry about.

In many cases, the bacteria and algae from the water sources collect in the taps. By washing inside and along the outside of them, you can eliminate the taste, especially when it happens for the first time.

A Rubbery Taste

What about when you get a rubbery or plastic taste in your water? This is usually a sign that some of the plumbing materials are in your water. Sometimes, particles will break away from the materials and dissolve in the water, especially when water stands for some time. It is most common with dishwashers and washing machines, due to the rubbery pipe material used.

A Bitter Metal Taste

Like the reason above, sometimes the metal particles will come away from pipes and be absorbed by the water. This is usually a problem when water stands in pipes for too long. You can overcome this by running the water, usually enough to fill a bowl, to get past the stagnant water. This water may also taste medicinal, due to the copper.

There's no need to waste this water. Use it on your plants, as the metallic taste won't do them any harm.

Diesel or Petrol Tastes

This is a serious contamination problem, and you should avoid using the water at all. It will need to be checked by a plumber, and could be an issue with the water source. If you're using the municipal systems, the company will deal with it. Otherwise, you'll need to find out if your water source has been contaminated.

Chlorine Taste

Chlorine is the most common funky taste you'll get in tap water. This type of bleach is used to help disinfect water from the source, making it suitable for drinking. The levels of chlorine are regulated, so the water will still be safe to drink.

When you have a funky taste to your water, think about what that taste reminds you of. It will tell you the reasons for the taste and help you decide what to do next. Contact a plumber like one from Hophan Plumbing & Heating to learn more or for assistance.