3 Potential Reasons Your Sewage Pump Cycles On And Off Unexpectedly

A sewage pump in a septic system is calibrated to run only when needed and then only for a few moments at a time. If your sewage pump is turning on and off several times a day, there is likely a problem somewhere in the system that is interfering with the pump's calibration.

Here are three potential reasons your sewage pump could cycle on and off unexpectedly.

Malfunctioning Float

The sewage pump is triggered into action by sewage levels that are high enough to trigger the pump's float. The float works similarly to the float found in the tank of your toilet: a bobbing apparatus "senses" the rising sewage and then triggers the pump to spring into action. Once the float falls back down to a safe level, the pump knows it is okay to turn off.

You can check on the float yourself by looking inside the pump. Depending on the type of pump you have, you can look inside by either removing the cover or by simply peering through a clear viewing window. Have someone else in the house flush a toilet a few times and watch to see what happens to the float and the pump. If the pump turns on when the float is barely lifted, you might need to invest in a new pump.

Call in a reputable plumber with septic experience to install the new pump. You don't want to mess around near sewage if you aren't properly trained.

Blocked Outpipe

The float can work properly but still cause false readings if there is excessive material coming into the pipe. This can happen if there's a blockage in the outflow pipe, which can cause water meant for the outflow to instead end up in the area of the pump.

If you suspect a blockage in the outpipe or any other section of your septic system, call in a plumber for diagnostics and repairs. You want to make the appointment for as soon as possible in case there are other more hazardous problems down the lines.

Failing Pump Motor

Does the pump behave erratically other than turning on and off randomly? Is the pump making any new noises? Has the pump been in the system for a number of years? The motor in the pump might be failing and causing the pump to operate erratically.

A failing pump motor should not be fixed. You can call in plumbers for a replacement motor.

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