3 Ways Plumbers Can Address A Clog In The Water Line

Your water lines are an integral part of your home. They bring fresh water into your home and allow you to brush your teeth, take showers, cook food, flush a toilet and wash dishes. Without water lines, it would make it hard to do much of anything. But, what happens when one of those lines gets clogged? Now, you are stuck with no way for the excess water to be pulled out of your home and into the drain field. This can be a major hassle and inconvenience, to say the least. If you have a clog in your water lines, you need to turn to a professional plumber to help restore your system to working order.

Removal of the pipe and a thorough cleaning.

One of the ways a plumber can take care of the clog for you is by removing the pipe where the clog is at and giving it a thorough cleaning to get rid of whatever might be blocking the opening. A plumber will use a powerful cleaner to get rid of all the deposits from inside of the pipe. Once cleaned, they will reattach the pipe to its respectful place and test out whether the water is flowing freely through the pipes again or not.

Replacement of the pipe.

If the pipe is really old or the clog is beyond cleaning, the plumber might need to replace the pipe with a new one. They simply find the pipe that is causing the problem, take it out and put a new one in its place. They will often replace the pipe with a new material that is anti-corrosive, such as CPVC or copper. They will also use a larger diameter to help reduce the amount of pressure going through the lines and allow the water to move freely.

Pressure in the lines.

Another way for a plumber to restore the flow to the lines is by sending a burst of air through the lines to push the clog out and restore flow. This blast of air can help them identify corrosion, calcification and so on. They might still have to replace pipes if this isn't enough to solve the problem.

By allowing the plumber to come in and get to work on your lines for you, you can get your drains back to working order in no time at all. Don't allow the clog to go unattended to. It will only end up getting worse as more time wears on. Contact a company like Abbey Plumbing & Heating Co to get started.