Is Your Home Lacking Hot Water? Learn How To Diagnose The Problem

Plumbing is a vital part of any home. When the plumbing works, you don't even think about things like getting clean water out of a faucet, disposing of waste, or bathing. It's not until your plumbing starts to fail that you quickly realize how dependent you can be on your plumbing for everyday living. One potential problem you may run into is not having hot water. Try these methods to diagnose the problem.

Inspect The Water Heater

The first step should be investigating the water heater in your home, since the cause of the problem may be one that is not functioning properly. Check for the obvious things like tripped circuit breakers, an incorrectly set thermostat, or a pilot light that is out. Quickly checking these things may prevent you from calling a plumber to fix a relatively simple problem.

Evaluate The Severity

You should determine how severe your lack of hot water is. Are the hot water faucets throughout your entire home producing water that is completely cold or just lukewarm? Are specific rooms having problems? Narrowing down the problem can help you develop a plan of action.

Complete Lack of Hot Water

When you only have cold or lukewarm water, the problem can be with the hot water heater itself.

The solution may be as simple as draining the tank of sediment, As sediment enters your tank, it will gradually collect inside it. The sediment displaces the amount of water that is in the tank, and will cause the heating element to heat the sediment as well as the water. Excessive sediment can cause the water to not get to the temperature you need it to be, making it feel cold by the time it exists your faucet.

Excessive amounts of sediment can also cause the heating element in the hot water heater to work harder than it needs to, since it will be constantly working to heat the water to the temperature set by the thermostat. An overworked heating element may eventually fail, causing you to experience the cold water. This will require replacing the heating element by a professional.

No Hot Water In Specific Rooms

This problem is easy to diagnose, since it is most likely due to a pipe blockage. You can determine how deep the blockage is based on the rooms that have problems, since plumbing typically comes off a central stack in your home. Cleaning out the blockage will be difficult, and requires the help of a plumber to fix.

Not having hot water is never fun, but by diagnosing the problem, you can determine what needs to be done to get the water flowing again.