Old House With Old Pipes And Ducts? Services You Need

If you have recently moved into an older home and you worry that the pipes and ventilation system aren't of the highest quality, get an HVAC professional that does plumbing work over to your house right away. They can do a few things to make sure that everything is going to be safe and sanitary while you live in the space.

You want to make sure that you aren't breathing in anything dangerous because of old heating and cooling systems, that the gas pipes are in good condition, and that you don't have any drain or sewer problems. Ask for the expert to look at the following.

Clean the Ducts

The ducts in the house should be cleaned because you don't know what is hiding in the ventilation system. There could be mold, insect feces, allergens like dust and dander, along with other things. These are fire hazards and they decrease the quality of air, and these things can even cause asthmatic problems for some. Have the ducts cleaned and improve airflow throughout the house, and know what's circulating in the air around your house.

Check the Gas Lines for Corrosion

The HVAC expert can check all of the gas lines and gauges around the house to ensure there is no pipe damage or leaking that you have to worry about. A small gas leak doesn't just pose a risk throughout the home, but it can also be costing you a fortune on your gas bill every month.

Have the Drains and Pipes Cleaned  

You don't know if there is debris or hair caught in the drain traps or somewhere in the plumbing system, but if the water moves slowly you want to have the pipes cleaned. Have everything snaked and have an antimicrobial agent used to clean the pipes. You may even want to have a camera inspection performed to see what is in the pipes or the sewer system.

If your house is old and you worry that the pipes or the ducts look like they are rusting or like they aren't in great condition, take the time to have the issues inspections. Some HVAC experts won't charge for a free inspection. Other companies will only have you pay for a service call or consult to find out what all needs to be done, and what it's going to cost to have all the services that you need to be completed. For more information or help, consider contacting the professionals at Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.