Best Sump Pump Switches For Large Basement Floods

Does your basement floor begin to collect water whenever there is a heavy rain? A sump pump can help move that water out of your home and down the drain. If a large area of your basement floods, or a smaller area has deep water levels, there are a few types of pumps that can help. The type of switch defines pumps, as that's the key operating mechanism.

Here are a few of the best sump pump switches for large basement floods. Ask your plumber for additional information tailored to your needs or for installation assistance.

Tethered Switch

Tethered switches are attached to pedestal pumps, which are taller and narrower than other types of pumps. The tethered switch has a floater or bobber that moves with the water level. When the floater reaches its max setting, the pump turns on and runs until the floater drops to its minimum setting.

Tethered pumps are good for areas that become deep quickly as the pump will turn on faster. Slower moving water can increase the risk of the tethered switch becoming tangled around the pump basin. Make sure you install the pump with the tether switch somewhere that the tether cord can't swing against a solid object because that can also increase the risk of tangling.

Contact your plumber for installation assistance for the best experience with a tethered switch pump.

Electronic Switch

Electronic switches are a fairly versatile and modern sump pump option. The pump has a sensor probe that triggers the switch, which is often high on a wall nearby. Positioning the probe higher or lower will adjust how sensitive the pump is to your water levels.

Electronic probes are more expensive and you will need a plumber to install the pump unit. The unit will also require professional assistance if repairs are needed in the future. On the upside, the placement of the switch mechanisms on the wall makes it easier to fix the switch on its own without taking apart the pump. And the electronic switch has fewer moving parts that can potentially tangle, snag, or break and require repairs.

If you have any doubts about the best sump pump for your basement, call in a plumbing professional for a consultation. Have the plumber visit during a time that your basement flooding is going to be at its worst so that you can have a pump strong enough to deal with the maximum flooding conditions likely to happen in your home.

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