How To Paint Your Bathroom Ceiling

There are few home improvement projects that are more fun and simple than painting a bathroom. Bathrooms need to be repainted more often than other rooms because of the moisture in the room. Paint fades quicker when it is constantly getting wet. Painting your bathroom is a great DIY project, because you can essentially get the whole family involved. Of course, there are certain parts of the job that require a skilled hand. One of the hardest part of painting your interior is repainting the ceilings. This article explains how to paint your bathroom ceiling like a pro.

Paint the Ceiling First

It is almost always easier to paint the ceiling first. This is definitely the case if you are painting your ceiling white and your walls a darker color. This means that you don't need to cut out around the edges. You can simply paint over the corner, without being worried if paint gets onto the wall. When you paint the walls later, you will have to cut out the top edges. This will cover the ceiling paint on the vertical walls.

Paint with an Extension Roller

When you paint the ceiling first, you are also able to roll the ceilings much quicker. Rolling, in lieu of painting with a brush, is much better, safer and quicker. It is also a much easier job if you have an extension pole for you roller. This allows you to stand to the side of the area you are painting. When you don't have an extension pole, you can basically only paint the area right above you. You need to crane your neck upward and there is always the problem of paint dripping on you. By painting off to the side, you save your neck and back a lot stress. It literally makes the job less painful. Also, you don't need to spend all your energy climbing up and down a ladder. Keep the tray of paint on the ground and you'll never need to use a ladder.

Another tip when painting a bathroom ceiling white is to go in rows. Don't paint sporadically because white paint can dry quickly and it can be hard to see the difference between the old and new paint. Once the ceilings are painted, you have completed the hardest part of the job. Painting the vertical walls goes much quicker and is not so strenuous on your body.

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