Tips For Getting The Most From Your Portable Toilet Rental

While no one really prefers to use portable toilets over the real thing, there are some things that you can do to help your guests tolerate their presence a bit more at your next event.

Follow these tips to get the most from your portable toilet rental and to keep your guests as comfortable as possible while using them:

Always Provide an ADA Compliant Portable Restroom

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that you provide at least one restroom for your event that is accessible for use by those visitors who are disabled or need to assist small children with using the bathroom. Since you never know who may have special restroom needs, complying with this law is always a necessity regardless of your event type. 

Keep the Portable Restrooms as Clean as Possible During Your Event

While you cannot control the behavior of your guests, you should assign someone the task of monitoring the cleanliness of your portable toilets. They should check the restroom every hour or so to ensure that there are no messes and that the restrooms are stocked with supplies. In fact, some rental companies offer a restroom attendant service that you can use if you are having a large event with multiple toilets.

Additionally, you should rent an adequate number of restrooms for your event's attendance. Erring on the side of too many restrooms also helps to keep them cleaner during your event, versus having too few restrooms. 

The company you rent your temporary toilets from will be able to determine the number of toilets needed by the length of your event and the number of people who will be in attendance. The longer the usage time, then the more restrooms that you will need to rent, because people will use them multiple times during the day. However, for a shorter event you can rent a lesser number of portable toilets.

Consider Providing an Optional Hand Washing Station

Finally, if your event will offer food or beverages, you should also rent a hand washing station to go along with your portable restrooms. The hand washing station will allow your guests the ability to wash their hands and safely handle their food. In fact, guests at all types of events appreciate the ability to wash up after visiting the restroom, and by providing a hand washing station you show your attendees that you care about their health and sanitation.