Making Portable Toilets Pleasing To Use

If you are throwing a large formal party in your yard, and you do not wish to have to deal with people traipsing through your home to use your bathroom, renting portable toilets to place on your property is best. Many people do not find portable toilets to be a great choice when at a formal party, but with a few simple tricks you they will find using the restroom is not as undesirable as they had originally thought. Here are some ways you can make portable toilet an acceptable means for elimination for guests at a formal event.

Add Some Decor

If your event is themed, add some decor to the portable toilet doors to help dress them up a bit. For example, if you are holding a wedding, adding floral arrangements in the form of a hanging wreath or placed on a small shelf attached to the exterior of the portable toilet door via removable tape can make the bathroom appear festive. If you are holding a corporate function, add a few motivational posters to the exteriors of the units so they blend into the rest of the surroundings.

Place Them Away

Put your portable toilets in an area away from the main crowd so anyone going to use one will not feel as if all eyes are upon them as they go inside. This bit of privacy will help people accept the fact they are not using a bathroom inside your home. On the same token, do not put them too far away where guests need to walk a long distance to relieve themselves. Keep the units in view of the event, but not right in the middle of it. Consider placing a small sign saying "restrooms" on your property so guests do not need to look around for where they are located.

Add Some Nice Touches

Inside each unit, add a small basket of items one might wish to use inside the bathroom such as antibacterial soap, cologne or body spray, cosmetics or breath mints. Place a small radio in each unit tuned into a local radio station so guests can relax while listening to a few songs while in the bathroom. Consider placing a magnetic mirror on the interior wall of each portable toilet unit so guests can freshen up while away from the crowd. Place a basket with extra toilet paper and paper towels in each unit as well so guests do not need to worry about running out of paper products quickly.

Consider Upgrading

Many portable toilet services will also rent portable restroom trailers for larger events. If your party is going to be of a larger magnitude, you may wish to look into an upgrade. Restroom trailers come equipped with a seating area, running water sinks, heat and electricity and an area with mirrors. This is a fine touch to a larger event that your guests would appreciate.

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