3 Ways To Be Kind To Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a very important part of your kitchen's plumbing. It helps you to manage solid waste from your meals. Your garbage disposal is a simple utility that requires little in the way of maintenance, but does require simple care in order to keep running efficiently. All this requires is for you to be mindful of what you are sending down your drain; you will then be able to avoid clogging your drain and dealing with expensive plumbing repairs. Here are three ways to be kind to your garbage disposal.

Run cold water whenever you use your garbage disposal.

You should run cold water whenever you use your garbage disposal. The stream of water from the faucet helps to direct solid waste down the drain and also helps to keep the blades of your garbage disposal clean. It is important to run cold water and not hot water, especially when it comes to processing fats, oils, and greases with your garbage disposal. Fats, oils, and greases liquefy in hot water, meaning that they just flow down the drain and into the pipes. Once the temperature cools down, these compounds solidify and can clog your pipes, leading to costly repairs.

Be mindful of what you are trying to send down the drain.

As you prepare for put your dish in the sink, make sure that you consider what else you are sending down the drain. Certain kinds of food, such as crackers and bread, should not be sent down the drain. These foods cannot be fully chopped up by the garbage disposal's blades, especially when they are wet. For example, wet bread becomes mushy and cannot be cut up into manageable pieces. It can then get stuck in your pipes and become moldy. Only send down food waste that can be cut into small pieces and will not clog up your pipes.

Run your garbage disposal every time you wash your dishes.

You should run your garbage disposal every time you wash your dishes. This keeps your drain from accumulating too much solid waste, which could overwhelm your garbage disposal's blades. This also helps increase the cleanliness of your sink and pipes. With your garbage disposal, you should be in the mindset that if you don't "use it," then you will "lose it." Running your disposal frequently also helps you to identify any trouble with the motor or the blades.

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